Lynn Andersen, RN, MSN, CLNC® is a professional nurse with nearly 30 years of dedicated nursing experience, and has been providing her expertise to quality medical case reviews for over 15 years. Lynn personally reviews every case with your litigation team and then matches your specific needs with the best expert member of her team to ensure your case gets the professional, cost effective attention it deserves.
With Lynn’s team, you get:

  • Certified Legal Nurse Consultants (CLNC®) who undergo specific, rigorous training to align their extensive nursing and medical expertise with the dynamics of medical legal cases. Lynn’s team is certified to provide expertise in all phases of your litigation including:
  • Cost effective, professional nursing experts, prepared to assist in ANY topic throughout the lifespan, from the newborn to the elderly. 
  • Certified Legal Nurse Consultants who :

                           Review, analyze, organize and summarize complex electronic medical records

                           Create chronologies, interrogatories and case summaries

                           Evaluate and explain the extent of injuries and pre-existing conditions

                           Attend and provide summary of medical examinations

                           Evaluate medical and nursing care for adherence to or deviations from standards of care

                           Research and summarize authoritative literature, standards of care and medical regulations

                           Provide expert opinion case summaries

                           Locate or serve as an expert witness

  • To benefit from  relationships with various medical professionals whose expertise provides invaluable support to all aspects of your medical cases. 
  • Invaluable support in discovery, for depositions and in case preparation, as well as for mediation, arbitration and trial

Lynn Andersen Nurse Consulting

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